Dump Tarping Systems

PullTarp Manufacturing

Manual Pull Tarp

American made Semi-Automatic Pulltarp® Truck Tarp Systems are the original spring return tarping system. These tarp systems operate by manually pulling the tarp out over the load with a pull rope. The tarp is then rolled back into the housing using spring tension within the roller mechanism. Semi-Automatic Pulltarp® Systems are fully upgradeable to electric drive, manual arms, or automatic arms. These truck tarp systems are great for all applications and are the most economical solution to your tarping needs! And tarping your empty trucks can save fuel, that’s important for a single truck or a truck fleet. We all benefit with better fuel economy from tarping commercial trucks.

PullTarp Manual Tarping System

Manual Arm Pull Tarp

Manual Arms use the same Pulltarps® semi-automatic roller mechanism to retract the tarp back into the housing. The arms deploy manually by pulling the tarp over the load using the pull rope. Manual arms are great for applications up to 22’. Tarping peaked loads is made easy because the arms lift the tarp up and over the load.

PullTarp Manual Arm Tarping System

Automatic Arm PullTarp

Automatic Arms have an electric motor to retract the tarp back into  the housing. The arms automatically deploy the tarp using spring tension within the arm pivot. This entire process is done by simply turning a switch. Automatic Arms are great for any application up to 40′. Tarping peaked loads is made easy because the arms lift the tarp up and over the load.

PullTarp Automatic Arm Tarping System

Cable System PullTarp

Pulltarps Cable Systems are the best tarping solution for most applications, especially long end dumps and open-top containers. Cable Systems use either one or two cables to deploy and retract the tarp. The cables drive the bows which are inserted through pockets in the tarp. Cable Systems are available with either electric drives or manual hand cranks.

PullTarp Cable System Tarping System

 Telescoping PullTarp

  • Power up and power down hydraulic system
  • Self contained hydraulic power pack
  • Fully powercoated to resist corrosion
  • Comes with all hoses and fittings
  • Raises 10′ to easily cover containers up to 40 cubic yards in volume
  • 102″ wide housing can handle extra wide tarps for the waste industry
  • Works with or without arms

PullTarp Telescoping Tower Tarping System