Slope Detector IV

With the all new Slope Detector IV level sensor mounted to the rear axle and the control unit mounted in the cab, you will be warned if there is an out of level condition and the hoist will be shut down automatically.

Easy to program with just the turn of a key, the system can be set to stop the hoist if the trailer tips more than you preset the limit to. The hoist can then be lowered and the trailer repositioned to a level position. The operator cannot override the setting once the key is removed. The cab unit displays both lights and warning sounds to alert the driver of unlevel conditions even while looking in the rear view mirror and backing up.

PullTarp Slope Dector IV

Bunker Covers

Most material bins are required to be covered. Pulltarps offers the easy solution with our Bunker Covers.

  • Comply with Local and Federal Regulations.
  • Safe ground operated one man operation.
  • No lifting heavy tarps.
  • Easy to install.
  • Regular Maintenance is not required.
  • Versatile design fits most bins.
  • Tarp is stored neatly when not in use.
  • 18oz vinyl fabric lasts for years.

Pulltarps Bunker Covers are Spring Loaded, Semi-Automatic in Operation. Simply pull out to cover the material when not in use, and to open, just pull the tarp past the stops, and the tarp automatically retracts for easy access to the material.

PullTarp Bunker Covers


The PIUSIBOX® Pro is a portable, self contained diesel fuel transfer pump station. The pump is powered by the vehicle’s battery with clip on connections and has a full size spin-on filter cartridge to keep contaminants out of the fuel.

PullTarp PiusiBox Pro

Load Climber

Our patented Load Climber is a simple solution to keep the pull rod from digging into peaked loads. The Load Climber’s rollers lift the tarp up over the load. The Load Climber can be easily added to your pull rod without modifying the tarp. For Pulltarps® and Electric Pulltarps® Systems only.

PullTarp Load Climber

Tarp Tamer

The Tarp Tamer’s fixed roller holds the front of the tarp down to prevent material from blowing out. Better than gravity systems because the tarp is held under spring tension. The Tarp Tamer can be used with Pulltarps®, Manual Arms and Automatic Arm systems.

PullTarp Tarp Tamer

Tarp Arm Catcher

Arm Catchers provide a cradle for the arms to rest in. A small lip in the Arm Catcher snaps the arms in place. This stops the arms from bouncing while in transit and further reduces noise.

PullTarp Arm Catcher

Conversion Kits

Pulltarps® to Electric Drive Pulltarps Pulltarps® to Manual Arms Pulltarps® to Automatic Arms

PullTarp Conversion Kits

Smart Switch

Easy to install because there is no switch to wire. Unique transmitter codes do not interfere with other remote devices. Can be operated from up to 150 feet away. External manual switch on control unit for backup

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Pulltarp Smart Switch

Composite Side Boards

Pulltarps Composite Side Boards are Great replacement for wood sideboards.

PullTarp Composite Side Boards