Service Bodies

Challenger ST truck service bodies are rugged, dependable mo-bile workstations. These service bodies offer multiple compart-ments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment. The storage compartments of Challenger ST service bodies come standard with material trays and can be further configured with optional drawer packages, hooks and additional trays to keep your work truck organized, so you can quickly locate tools and improve your efficiency.


Challenger Medium Duty truck service bodies provide multiple storage compartments and generous cargo space for medium-duty work trucks. These service bodies are constructed with heavier gauge steel than our standard Challenger service bodies making them a durable, rugged solution for demanding medium-duty work truck applications.

USV Van Bodies

More than 30 years ago, STAHL was the first manufacturer of truck service bodies to design a Utility Service Van (USV) body to fit a cutaway chassis. Today, STAHL is proud to introduce the next generation USV. Our Utility Service Van bodies feature ex-clusive lock-bolt construction; fully concealed, bolt-on door hinges with integral, spring-loaded door holders; high-styled body sides; single-stage rotary latches; clip-on door seals; and large, clear door openings.

Heavy Duty and Crane Bodies

STAHL’s SCX truck crane bodies give you the storage space you need with reinforced construction to support your crane’s lifting capability. Reduce the risk of injury from lifting by letting the truck crane do the work for you. These crane bodies are reinforced to withstand the demands of various lifting applications. They also feature multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to pro-vide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment


STAHL’s Heavy Duty truck service bodies give you the storage space you need for your heavyduty work truck. Heavy gauge steel construction makes it the toughest service body we offer. This workhorse also features multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment.


STAHL offers a full line of telescopic, boom, truck-mounted mo-bile cranes with a variety of features and lifting capacities to meet your specific needs. As standard equipment, all of our mobile cranes offer automatic overload protection to prevent lifting in excess of crane capacity. They also feature a multifunction, detachable remote control. This lightweight, mobile crane remote allows for single-handed operation and prevents unauthorized use.

Service/Dump Body Combination

STAHL Challenger Dump bodies are designed to meet the demands of landscapers, general contractors and municipalities alike. These dump bodies combine the best elements of small dump bodies with the tool storage space of truck service bodies. Our Challenger Dump bodies will also increase your bottom line by eliminating the need for two trucks at the job site. All your lightduty storage and hauling demands can be fulfilled with the versatile and hardworking Challenger Dump body

Back Pak Tool Box

Our STAHL Back Pak is a transverse, truck-mounted tool box that easily adds storage space without interfering with the operation of a variety of truck bodies. This truck tool box is perfect for use with dump bodies, flatbeds, utility bodies and wrecker bodies. The tapered design and high-styled doors of the Back Pak truck tool box also complement the truck cab. It’s available in both “I” and “L” configurations to enhance the versatility of your work truck.